Transportation for Lazarus and Juliet

We have friends here in Mityana who recently lost their transportation.  This loss means they are unable to get to and from their garden in the village.  Today, this family lives on about 150,000 Uganda Shillings per month (that's about $50 US) so getting to and from the garden means the difference between eating and not eating.

Until recently, the family used a small and very old moped-style motorbike to get around.  The bike allowed them to go out to the village where their land is (about 7kms) to plant and harvest.  They also used this bike to get the vegetables home after it was harvested.

This is not a luxurious garden, the family live on whatever is currently in-season.  Matoke (Plantain Banana's), Maze (ground Corn), and various root vegetables make up the daily diet for their family.  It may not be luxurious, but it does sustain their family.  They even make a few additional shillings by selling what they don't use themselves.

Recently, this old bike died and it is no longer fixable.  Lazarus has raised 500,000 Uganda Shillings locally toward a replacement bike but a decent bike will cost at least 2 million Shillings so they are 1.5 million shillings from a solution.

We work with Lazarus and Juliet here in Uganda.  They have partnered with us to provide marriage training to couples and Juliet has done medical clinics with us to treat children with Jiggers.  As partners, we would love to help them feed their family so we agreed to tell this story and see if anyone connected with it.

Perhaps you would like to help Lazarus and Juliet get to and from their garden to feed their family?  If so, please contact Andrew or Terry to discuss how you can help.  The goal is only $650 CAD / $500 USD.  So little to help a family feed themselves.